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Multi-Activity Day



The Brief

To provide a team challenge with the emphasis on team activities and enjoyment.

Example Timings

Arrive by coach 10am
Lunch 1pm
Depart by Coach 6 pm – 6.30pm


Greeted on arrival by friendly uniformed staff who will guide you to:-

Optional boat arrivals across the lake to our main base for the day, or take the track around the beautiful lake for a short walk c250 mtrs.

Tea, Coffee Biscuits on arrival, then form into teams and take a seat in the main Marquee.

Welcome to Pinnacle Challenge Events

Introduction to the day by the Event Manager together with the safety briefing for all participants.

Meet the team and the instructors for the day and collect your jokers!

Getting in the mood

Ice Breaker ~ Babies Bottle, a light hearted fun activity to get the team in the mood!

All teams depart for the first fun / challenging activity.

The teams will rotate through 4 activities, 2 in the morning, and 2 in the afternoon.


To see two fully crewed dragon boats at full speed with thirty plus people paddling for their lives is a spectacle to behold; dragons heads, the splashing of paddles, the roar of the crews and most importantly the smiles from ear to ear.

A fun, challenging team event, where four 40ft dragon boats of 16 – 18 will race against each other over a short course.

After a full brief and safety brief on how to use a paddle and the commands needed to get the boat going (and stop it!) the teams will take to the water for a practice session with an experienced dragon boat helm to steer the craft and control the crew.

All ages and abilities can participate, either as drummer, paddler or just as an enthusiastic shouter! Timing and team work is the key to winning and a disciplined and organised crew will beat the more powerful teams almost every time; let the racing begin!!

Challenge 2 AQUA RELAY

The opportunity to get wet is too much to resist for some people and this is their big chance! You can stay dry of course if you want to, but there is something about boats and water that brings out the fun in us all.

A team race around a triangular course in a relay of different craft, from Rowing Boats, Canadian Canoes, Kayaks and Doughnuts; each rotation earns the team water which must be collected carefully by the other team members.

Teamwork, skills selection and communication are the keys to winning Aqua Relay, but you don’t need to be a water baby to take part, there’s plenty for the land lovers to do too!

Challenge 3 BREAK OUT

A physical mental challenge that will test the most creative of people, but one which all levels of ability will enjoy!

A head to head race between 2 teams from two ends - let the chaos and laughter begin! The challenge is to recover 3 balls, two of which are provided at the beginning, with one to find en route.

Starting with a giant egg and spoon slalom, the team must pass through the spiders web and electric fence before crossing the swamp on giant swap skis - a challenging, minefield puzzle and it’s time to solve the final conundrum of how to get the balls across the water, without getting them wet.

Good communication and leadership are needed to make a success of breakout, as well as the ability to think outside the box with its fiendish mental challenge finale.


The team must complete two mini challenges, swapping in-between them in the time it takes to complete one big challenge.

After the brief and safety brief the team must create a giant set of scales from the parts provided and then carry out a mental challenge to find the canister which is significantly different to the other 9 provided.

After the brief and safety brief the team must create a giant crane from the parts provided to recover the load to safety, but there’s a catch - they can’t see the load and must communicate with a hidden team member to land it safely.


All teams assemble for a giant relay raft race with up to 8 rafts racing against each other.

It’s time for one final brief and safety brief, then it's time to put into practice all those skills you’ve learnt throughout the day.

It’s a perfect way to end a fun filled team challenge.

Now it's time for prize giving. Champagne prizes; a change of clothes and a couple of beers or glasses of wine, reflecting on the day by the lake - what better way to end the day?


Its time to gather around the fire and listen to the stories of the day and have a few laughs with your new found friends and colleagues - there’s no losers on a Pinnacle Challenge Event - only winners!

The winners are announced in reverse order:-

3rd Prize Champagne for the team
2nd Prize More Champage for the team
1st Place 4 bottles of champagne and the winners enclosure, the best spot by the lake to relax and enjoy.

High Ropes (Option 1)

You can replace either TASKS or Breakout with a High Ropes option for an additional cost.

There will be two activities on the high ropes course, all supervised by qualified instructors - 3g swing and the Giant Mast.

After a task and safety brief the team will kit up in harnesses and helmets - safety is paramount.

3G Giant Swing

A side swing generating allegedly 3g (as in g force). An instant adrenaline rush, not for the feint hearted!

The rest of the team wind up the swing using a unique giant ship’s Capstan and the other two team members attempt to hit a target whilst they are swung through the air.

There will be fairground ride screams, as the two attempt to hit the circle with bean bags, then the team swap around to get as many through as possible.

The Mast

At 22 mtrs, believed to be the highest in the country, who will have the bottle to try to make it to the crows nest at the top. Topping out at 70ft the views from the top are amazing - that’s if you can stop your legs from knocking long enough to focus!

Too much for you? Don’t worry, there are lower challenges that most of the team will be able to complete comfortably.

The task is to collect as many flags as possible to score points; it’s a mission for both the adrenalin junky and the less adventurous, but will the team be able to communicate effectively and have the leadership to get the most out of each other?

Can’t see exactly what you want or have your own ideas that you would like put into practice?

Then call us here at Pinnacle Challenge Limited and we can discuss alternative options with you. Tel: 01926 496616 or 07815 078609.

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